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whiskey being poured into a glass

 Whisky & Beer

Whisky has a rich heritage, stemming back a thousand years where it was made by monks travelling from mainland Europe to Ireland and Scotland. We celebrate this heritage by offering you beautiful whiskies, from single malt to many more at Juniper Wine Café in Dunfermline. Check out our range of beer too.

bottle and glass of whiskey

Smooth and smoky

Experienced whisky connoisseurs have their exact preferences, and we can absolutely cater to them. We stock whisky from leading brands, but if you want to try something new, which we always encourage, we have some lesser-known whiskeys from Japan and elsewhere. If you need some advice on what whisky to try if you are a beginner, we are happy to advise and recommend.

A wonderful gift

If you are buying a bottle of whisky for a loved one, perhaps for your best man or your grandmother, then good on you! We are happy to suggest a bottle that will absolutely delight and make them feel loved and appreciated. Visit our whisky shop today.

whiskey being poured into a glass
two glasses of beer being clinked

From the hop to the vine

We have a wide selection of diverse, authentic German beers to choose from in our store. We are absolutely sure we can find the ideal beer to suit your taste at Juniper Wine Café in Dunfermline. Visit our European beer shop today. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast of beer or you are looking to try something completely new, we are your destination for what could be your next favourite beer, pilsner or lager. We stock single bottles as well as multipacks if you are hosting an evening with friends.

We also stock a stunning range of beer glasses, so why not match your beer with the glass for the full beer tasting experience? Trust us when we say that the Kwak glass is somewhat unique…

We also stock wine and gin.

Time to treat yourself or a loved one? Visit our wine café in Dunfermline today. Email us if you have any questions.

Juniper Wine Café
14 New Row, Dunfermline, KY12 7EF

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